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Princess  Exhibit Long beach
The Princess Diana Exhibit on board the Queen Mary in Long Beach is attracting new visitors to the Grand Old Ship.

With more than 2,000 articles of clothing and artifacts this is  most  complete collection in the world.   Princess Diana gowns, dresses,  notes written by members of the Royal family plus many other articles are on public display.

Diana: Legacy of a Princess, a Royal Exhibition is divided into three distinct sections: The Royal Family, Princess Diana and Diana’s Legacy.

In the Royal Family exhibit, guests will get an inside look at Queen Mary (for whom the ship was named), as well as King George, Queen Mother Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth II, through personal documents, letters, newspapers, royal memorabilia and more.

One of the highlights of Diana: Legacy of a Princess is the “Dress Room,” which consists of nine dresses that Princess Diana wore, including the a delicately beautiful pale floral-print silk taffeta evening dress that Diana wore to Australia’s bicentennial celebration in 1988.

Also on display is a ball gown that she wore to the America’s Cup Ball and a jeweled evening gown that Diana wore to a Red Cross event. Stunningly displayed and featuring a story behind each item, these iconic dresses have transcended pop culture becoming historical artifacts of the beloved princess.

Tickets include Princess Diana Exhibit and self guided tour of the Queen Mary. Full price $34.95 – Discount price $20.00

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Diana: Legacy of a Princess Discount Tickets

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