Renaissance Faire Irwindale Discount Tickets Save $14.00

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Renaissance Faire Irwindale Discount Tickets Save $14.00

The original, biggest and best Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire will be running Weekends Apr – May 2017 at the Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area.

Full price tickets for the Renaissance Pleasure Faire are $28.00 at the gate plus ten dollars to park in the Recreational Area.

Admission price includes all entertainment: the Joust, 4 parades, music, dance, interactive living history exhibits, craft demonstrations and the battle pageant.

Renaissance Faire Discount Tickets $14.50

2017 is the  55th Anniversary of the Southern California  Renaissance Pleasure Faire, where fantasy rules and whimsical delights take flight; where worlds co-exist and dreams become alive.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire Santa Fe Dam

Immerse yourself in a village of more than 1,200 costumed performers and artisans including dazzling acrobats, internationally acclaimed musicians, and entertainers, juggling jokers and jesters, willful wenches, and, newly arrived, jousting knights are ready to celebrate!.

Enjoy 16th Century games, rides, arts, crafts, food, music, and dance, recreating the celebratory spring day in 1574 when the world arrived to entertain Queen Elizabeth in the English Seaport of Deptford.

Don’t miss out on the food and drink either, as more than 100 types of delicious types of delectable food and drink are available. Eat, drink and be merry during this action-packed, fun-filled trip.

DATES: Weekends Apr  – May 2017
Saturdays and Sundays 10 am – 7 pm

WHERE: Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area – 15501 East Arrow Highway, Irwindale, CA
TICKETS: At the  Box Office  Adult Ticket: $28 Children (5-12) $15

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  1. I do not see a discount–am I missing a promo code hidden somewhere on this page?

    • The link to the offer is in the above article. Currently they have sold out for the first weekend. You can sign up through the link and they will send you an email when more tickets become available.

  2. Recommend arriving EARLY, even though the Faire starts at 10A. The line for parking can stretch for miles on local streets…MILES. My best friend and I usually go out for breakfast, or bring a morning snack and try to get there between 8:30A-900A. All parking costs. For VIP parking, closer, slightly quicker access, you will STILL have to wait in the LONG parking line. Shoes! For heaven’s sake, where comfortable walking shoes. There is LOT Of walking, dust, and dirt. I say all this to add… I THINK IT IS ALL WELL WORTH IT!!!! Once inside, the world is transformed and free entertainment abounds. The horse jousting is off the chain! Bring money for at least a few culinary treats. If you want to rent a costume they have a few of these shots near the entrance. If you have allergies, just bring your inhaler… lots of HAY bales for sitting. Have a blast everyone! Hope to see you there.

  3. When will they have discounts for the Renaissance faire? I want to go tomorrow.

  4. First-weekend discount tickets have sold out, Check back they may be more tickets available for other weekends.

  5. We hope you have a fun day and are able to go on one of the days that the discount is available on. Thanks for posting.

  6. Will be my first time to the Faire. Looking forward to it.

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